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À propos du projet

As known in common that nowadays we are in trouble with cancers, diabetes, obesity. In everyday our kids are unfortunately growing with unhealty and inorganic foods. In this fast word, we live fast and eat fast food. Before being late, we should teach our traditional cuisine to our children and mostly we should learn more from our mothers. In this project, we will cook healthy foods with the ingredients not from supermarket. We will choose homemade or organic ingredients. Everyschool will cook a menu for a dinner for example; one traditional soup, a main course, starters, drinks, desserts what can be eatten during the dinner. We will write the recipes both in English and own language and share them with other schools. So the students will have to learn more about foreign languages. Then we will carry this project to Erasmus plus strategic partnership.



To make our students to share all the skills that they learn at school with the students from abroad, to learn traditional cuisines, cultures and languages of other countries. To carry this E twinning partnership to Erasmus plus. To learn cooking healthy foods of our and other's traditional cuisine.

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